SJ9 Series Action Camera

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A Shenzhen based action camera manufactures brand SJCAM , launched its new model series SJ9 in April 2019 with lots of new features and powerful performance , which allow you to stream your video directly to Facebook and Youtube . Is Really SJCAM Superpowers ?

The up-and-coming SJ9 Series, namely the SJ9 Strike and SJ9 Max, has been stirring up some commotion in the action camera market since the release of the photo below, and here’s why. Although it is an openly welcome idea to get better and better with resolution and frame rates, SJCAM has been focusing on delivering more than just that.

It Will Be Waterproof Right Out Of The Box.

The recent announcement that the new action camera series will be waterproof right out of the box is a big win for those wanting an integrated dive-housing. Unlike previous SJ models, you can go straight into the pool with it, record videos, take photos, all without having to attach anything else.
Sure you will still need a separate housing for much deeper than snorkeling dives, but for almost everyone else, this is more than enough. For scuba divers, of course, a separate waterproof housing for greater depths is needed, allowing the camera to go as deep as 30 meters.

Major Features on SJ9 Series

  • You Can Now Wirelessly Charge Your Camera.
  • 8M waterproof without case .
  • You Can Record Supersmooth Stable Videos.
  • Stream your capture video live on Social media .

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